Backing up your instace

  • You should regullary backup your containers & data
  • This is not backup advise for LXD, only LXDMosaic

There are a couple of ways to backup your LXDMosaic instance, if you have deployed the LXDMosaic application in a container, you can just copy the container to another LXD Host.

What needs backing up

  • MySQL database

The database is the only part of this application that needs to be backed up. By backing it up your retain

  • Cloud-config information stored in LXDMosaic
  • Stats gathered about the fleets history (active containers, memory usage etc)
  • Deployments information & configurations

The rest of the information is read directly from your LXD instances.

How to backup

The best way to backup would be to create a dump of the database like so:

mysqldump -u LXDMosaic_DB_User -p LXDMosaic_DB_Password LXD_Manager > BACKUP_Name.sql

You should then move the BACKUP_Name.sql to an offsite server / secure location