LXDMosaic Settings

Instance IP

Value: IP Address / Domain name

The IP address / domain LXDMosaic is available on, if you intend to use deployments you will need to fill in this setting to enable "phoned home" functionality

Record Actions

Value: 1 or 0

Whether to record user actions like create, starting & stoping containers. Enabling this setting will enable more UI elements in the future (like event logs for instances)

Backup Directory

Value: Path accessable to LXDMosaic to write & read from

If you intend to use LXDMosaic to store your backups it will need access to a local file system path to store them in, place the path to store your instances here!

The final backup tree will look something like;


Strong Password Policy

Value: 1 or 0

Default: 1 (enabled)

Depending on if you are a home user or a corperate user you may wish to have a strong password policy.

With strong password policy enabled a password must be;

  • 8 chars long
  • Include 1 number
  • Include 1 letter

Project Analytics History

Value: string

Default: -1 day

How long should we store the project analytics for, expressed as string like;

  • -X hours
  • -Y days
  • -Z months

the data is gathered for every hosts project/s, every 5 minutes.

this builds up quickly, be careful!

Per Day = ((N projects * 8 different usages & limits) * 12 segmants of five minutes in an hour) * 24 hours


Value: string

Default: UTC

Regardless of this setting everything stored in the DB & dates retrived from the API will be UTC.

This setting is used to make sure cron jobs like backups run at the time the user is expecting.

Backup History

Value: string

Default: -1 year

How long should we store backup history for, expressed as string like;

  • -X hours
  • -Y days
  • -Z months


Ldap Server

Given in the form of a PHP ldap string I.E;

ldap://IP_ADDRESS:389 ldaps://IP_ADDRESS:636

Ldap Lookup User DN

This can either either be a specially crafted user or the admin account, we use this account to perform searchs when importing users shoud look something like;


Ldap Lookup User Password

The password for the lookup user

Ldap Base DN

The place in the LDAP structure we look for users (objectClass=person is the search filter for "users to import")

Should look something like;


Importing users

We sync your users every hour, you can force a sync of users in the UI but you shouldn't sync users close to the hour mark I.E dont start syncing at 14:58

Having two imports running at the same time shouldn't cause any real issues on small systems, but initial imports of large directories might end up with duplicated users!

It took 4m33.668s to import 4000~ users from a samba ldap directory, I susspect this time could be bought down even further by using bulk inserts, if you run the script again after importing 4000 users it completes in 0m0.279s so its entirely down to inserting! (not samba or lookups!)