Pre Installation

Initialise LXD

An opinionated guide on how to setup LXD is to come, for now there are a few guides;

Make LXD available over the network

When LXDMosaic accesses each LXD server for the first time it needs to be able to authenticate using a trust password, this is so LXDMOsaic can deploy a trust certificate for future communications.

You can set a trust password by executing the following commands on each LXD server.

lxc config set core.https_address [::] # make LXD available over IPV4 & IPV6 on all interafaces
lxc config set core.trust_password some-secret-string # password LXDMosaic needs, you will be asked for this later

If you try to connect to LXD server in a cluster we will try to add all cluster members using the same trust password

Installing LXDMosaic Ubuntu

# Launch a ubuntu container
lxc launch ubuntu: lxdMosaic
# Connect to ubuntu console
lxc exec lxdMosaic bash
#  Download the script
curl >>
# Then give the script execution permissions
chmod +x
# Then run bellow to setup the program

Post Installation

Once the installation is complete you need to go to into your browser and vist;


and accept the self signed certificate, you will then be able to enter your LXD instance details.